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SOLANA'S NFT collection drawn from a true story FRIENDLY FLOATEES.

We are happy to share with you the amazing story about our Friendly Floatees: the incredibly brave plastic rubber ducks which have crossed the world for more than a decade. All began in the Pacific Ocean when a container full of plastic toys fell from a ship during a storm in 1992. Within a year Friendly Floatees began to wash up on coastlines across the world, with Friendly Floatees being found on beaches in Alaska, Hawaii and Japan. Other have made their way to the arctic sea and become trapped in ice, while at least one toy was probably shipwrecked in the UK on a beach in Scotland . Friendly Floatees have become real collector's items, reaching high prices.

Their fame is also due to the work of two american oceanographers who began to follow the ducks with growing interest. In fact they have constantly monitored the path, this succeeding in tracing the direction of the ocean currents: this work, moreover, has also proved useful in predicting the climate changes of the globe. Unfortunately, this story has not only had positive implications, because part of these ducks got stuck in the plastic islands, contributing to the pollution of the oceans. Our project is based on SOLANA NETWORK because we believe in this ecosystem and in decentralized blockchain with its strong community.

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Phase 1

Launch GEN 0 Q1 2022

Minting of 3600 Friendly Floatees NFTs on 1 March at 0.72 SOL for our amazing community.

Phase 2

Marketplace Integration Q1 2022

Buy, sell, and trade F.F. on the main marketplaces! This will be released soon after our launch. Plus discord integration for our holders.

Phase 3

Charitable donations Q1 2022

As you all know our team is really concerned about the environment. The real Friendly Floatees ended up contributing to the pollution of seas, we will donate 50.000$ in Q1 and will be scheduled following donations up to a total of 100.000$ during the project. Here the list of the foundations/ associations we are considering to collab with:
- Team Seas
- 4Ocean
- Oceanus
- The Ocean Clean Up

Furthermore 33.3% of future royalties of every sale will be added in the amount of donation capital.

Phase 4

GEN 1 Q1 2022

At the beginning of our adventure there were in total 7200 ducks that ended up shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean, where are all the other 3600 ducks? In our lore, those sinked in a dense mass of oil and waste going through a radical transformation.
Global pollution gave birth the GEN1: mutants ducks are here.

GEN0 NFTs holders will have a chance of get a wasted egg airdrop which will turn in a mutant duck GEN1.
Will be released a minting date for GEN1 ducks soon after.
The 36% of all the profit gained through GEN1 will be redistributed in our DAO.

Phase 5

The Epic Journey Giveaway Q1 2022

We want to reward our holders by letting them experience the epic journey of the F.F. . For this reason, we chose to gift a trip around the world to some of our lucky holders, allowing them to follow the footsteps of the ducks: the winner will be able to choose the landing place between one of the F.F.’s epic journey destinations; alternatively, he/she will be able to redeem the same value in Solana. There will be other exciting giveaways in our community, follow us to get full access to them.
TOTAL PRIZE POOL VALUE: $12,000 for the epic journeys trips and $8000 for other giveaways.

Phase 6

Merchandising's Friendly Floatees Q2 2022

We will make our own eco-friendly merchandising, which includes a physical copy of F.F. NFT plus F.F. branded clothing.
All profit of the sales will be donated to charity to ensure the collection to be zero environmental impact.

Phase 7

Friendly DAO utilization – Q2 2022

Our aim is to establish a DAO organization, a decentralized corporation that will be the home for the F.F. holders. If you are an F.F. holder, you will be able to have decision-making power and participate in the various initiatives.
Through the DAO we will develop a NFT incubator: any F.F. holder can propose an idea to carry out a NFT project.
DAO members can upvote any of them, and the most liked will be developed in collaboration with our team (dev and artist).
We will use DAO funds to finance projects, furthermore we will reinvest part of the profit gained by our DAO’s projects for the developing of the future ideas coming from our F.F. holders.

Phase 8

Friendly Floatees interactive TV series Q3 2022

You will enjoy interactive video episodes where your unique duck will have many adventures, in these mini-movies there will also be the chance to appear for others collections NFTs pieces.
Cool prizes will be hidden throughout the series.

Phase 9

Roadmap Q3/Q4 2022

Metaverse integration, real life meetings, events to help the ocean and promote plastic pollution awareness.


Our beloved ducks will have many adventures!

EXTRA benefits planned for our collection:


During the epic journey of our ducks, some have inevitably disappeared in the immensity of the oceans and as well as in true history, our supply will gradually decrease over time, thus bringing greater benefits to those who have managed to hold a gen0 duck.


Our ducks will find a nest to stay and give rewards to the holders.


Holding a GEN0 duck will allow you to be eligible for future airdrops. In our lore, some ducks sinked in a dense mass of oil and waste going through a radical transformation. Global pollution gave birth the GEN1. GEN0 NFTs holders will have a chance of get a wasted egg airdrop which will turn in a mutant duck GEN1. The 36% of all the profit gained through GEN1 will be redistributed in our DAO.


We are a collective of NFT and crypto degen guys who ambitiously works together. The works produced by the collective are not made by a single person, but rather by the entire squad. Our project is based on Solana Network because we believe in this ecosystem as well as in decentralized blockchain with its strong community. We created this project with professionality and passion, we are keen in NFT sector, and we truly believe it will be the future.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager



Social Media Manager

Head Moderator

Animated video creator

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